And now for my new book

And in other very exciting news, I’m having my very first book published.  I’ve had articles published, entries in a book, but this is my first book.  It is scheduled to be released at the beginning of October 2010.  It is called Seeking God’s Face: praying with the bible through the year.  It’s co-published by Baker Books and Faith Alive Resources.

Seeking God's FaceHere’s what Eugene Peterson, author of The Message, says about my book: “Seeking God’s Face melds prayer and Scripture into a companionable guide for becoming a participant—both listening and speaking—in the great salvation conversation that is the Christian gospel.”

It is a daily prayer book modeled after the daily office, however a much simplified version.  You can read more of the foreword by Eugene Peterson, my introduction to the book and a few sample days to try out.  You can find this at

You can buy the book at the above link on Faith Alive or the links below:

Pass the word around and encourage others to check it out.  I’ll post a little more on praying the daily office and the use of prayer books.

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