I'm back

I’m very sorry for being a blog-slacker since mid- August.  There has been a lot going on here – start of a new season at church, and also the big decision for me to be stepping down as Sr. Pastor and taking my leave from River Park Church.  Betty and I have discerned the need to step away from active ministry for a time to do some study (I want to explore what forms church might take shape in the future, as well as explore how evangelism can function in a culture allergic to it), rest (give my family the gift of evenings at home – well, maybe the gift is more for me than my family), and then to pray, discern next steps and recalibrate for future ministry.

That leave will start on November 1, and I plan to blog about our time away, along with what I’m studying and discovering.  I hope you’ll stick around for that.

I’m going to be changing the blog up somewhat.  It’s been focused on the 90 day joy experiment but will broaden out beyond that.  I’ll be giving it a new look and probably a new name – so stick around and keep in touch.

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