Build my own folk fest, ed. III

So I’m putting together my own Folk Fest (I still need a good name for it, but you can see the bands I’ve already lined up in part 1 and part 2).  What’s a summer without a really good folk fest?  Since I can’t get to one this year, I’m making one up.

And in my imagination, it’s happening right at our home.  I’m planning the front steps and porch as the main stage, our driveway decked out with tables full of good food and ice chests of drinks, the city will have closed off the street so its only foot traffic, with everyone pulling up a chair or sitting on the curb and a whole lot of dancing in the street.  Can’t you picture that goodness?

So with that scene in mind, here are a few more bands I’ve lined up for my folk fest:

The Waifs – a fine Aussie folk band.  And they have to pull off this great rendition of Crazy Train below, with Vikki Thorn playing some crazy good harmonica – because what is a folk fest without some harmonica.

Great Lake Swimmers – hey, we’re a short walk for a dip in Lake Ontario.  And they’d have to sing Parkdale Blues too.

La Bottine Souriante – a fabulous Quebecois band that will get you clapping and dancing in no time.  Fiddles, horns, piano, accordion, foot stomping – pure musical joy that needs no translation.

Eddie Vedder with his ukelele – that’ll do.


3 thoughts on “Build my own folk fest, ed. III”

  1. I had a lovely time walking on your closed off street, standing in your yard listening to the music, and then chatting in the vibrant darkness with so many old friends. Thank you! I enjoyed your festival immensely. Mary Anne

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