Do-it-yourself folk fest, part IV

So the “do-it-yourself” folk music festival of my imagination has been going smashingly well (see here for editions one, two and three).  And below are a few more additions to this summer’s line-up (so many more to bring along but there’s always next year).

Yet there is something missing.  One of my favourite things about going to folk music festivals is the surprise factor, connecting with a band you never heard before or never expected to like but their music grabbed you and made you come alive in a new way.  I’m missing that from this folk festival … and that’s where you come in.  Bring the surprise factor and help me find a few bands to add to my playlist.  Who would you suggest to add to this folk fest line-up?

Neil Young – hey, I can dream can’t I?

The Milk Carton Kids – these guys feel like Simon and Garfunkle reincarnated.

The Be Good Tanyas – these Tanyas are really good.

The Decemberists – and this version of “Down by the Water” includes the huge bonus of Gillian Welch

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – Calgary boy who does a superb job on Heroes (I love how this video must’ve been shot on his back deck complete with snow covered dishwasher and dryer in the background)

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